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My Story

I photograph landscapes (city and country), animals (wild and domestic), and also enjoy street photography and portraiture. I completed a Certificate in Digital Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2012.  My "day job" is as a clinical psychologist who works with children and families who are experiencing health-related concerns and conducts research.  I enjoy writing and have edited several professional journals.  I bring my experiences as a psychologist and editor to my work and am developing narratives that bring these interests together.


Landscape On The Edge
Venue Name, City
March 7 - September 10, 2035

Weather Capturing
Venue Name, City
April 16 - November 8, 2035

Venue Name, City
July 17 - October 1, 2035

The Landscape
Venue Name, City
May 28 - November 26, 2035


Best Landscape Photography
New York City - 2035

Photographer of the Year
Los Angeles - 2035

Best Nature Photography
Paris - 2035

People's Choice Award
London - 2035

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